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Poetry Collection

How to sit

and learn

to live

with a heart

as heavy

as this

and really

try as I might

to give a smile

it hasn't quite

found it's way

to my eyes


and it seems

the more I see

and recognize

my needs

the less likely

I come to find

the ghost of me

had any of these

fulfilled in any way

still, and most honestly,

I miss most the days

I could curl up

to another

someone safe

and the intimacy

of seeing others

and being seen

so poignantly

to the point

it's almost


but the more I know

the more I see

platonic, romantic

what words are these

to describe the vast


within the myriad of ways

love grows and shapes

who we are

and who we become?

and maybe in spite of

the lack of that promised

unconditional and safe place

my heart has grown

to accommodate

a depth that seems

as if endless


a silent vow

to never let

anyone I love

live like this

to give

and get

and grieve

all that

never is

and never

will be

but don't worry

you can always

sit with me

*photo courtesy of @its_brackney_bitch

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